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Dating and rejection advice

Maybe you have a tough time even getting people to initiate communication with you!

It’s quite possible that a large part of this rejection can be eliminated by making simple changes in your approach. If your phone calls never lead to anything, perhaps you’re calling too soon or too late, or perhaps you’re not speaking in a confident, casual tone.

For better or worse, dating is a numbers game, and a certain percentage of attempts are bound to fail.

In many cases, people will simply not find chemistry with you, and in many cases, you’ll not find it with them.

When battling rejection, how can you withstand the constant blows to your ego and still come out a champion? Keep some Perspective Remember, in this world where people must constantly fight against disease, wildfires, and droughts, your dating issues are not the biggest problem humanity has ever had to conquer.

And haven’t you had some successes in your personal life that far outweigh any temporary setbacks you’re feeling in your love life?

You need to see it like Michelangelo saw an unfinished sculpture: Dating is your giant chunk of marble, and to get down to the soulmate within, you have to hack away and hack away until all the dates who aren’t your masterpiece are gone.

What makes rejection even more painful is that any effort to understand what went wrong can easily lead to bouts of self-criticism and self-blaming.

Did they reject you because you’re not tall enough, smart enough, attractive enough, rich enough, educated enough, or hip enough? Then you start to second guess everything you did and said.

In the world of dating, make sure you don’t spend too much time or emotional capital on the people who are on the fence.

Feel confident in yourself, and save your best sales pitch for the buyers who really like your brand.

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The support of people who care about you can even be the springboard that allows you to jump back into the dating pool.