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Michael bay dating meghan fox

As the results trickled in it quickly became apparent that if the environment was absent during the Conservative campaign, it would be in jeopardy under their Government.

Theresa May’s plans to prop up her slender majority with the climate-change denying DUP places the party in a worrying position of authority.

He can’t be trusted to ensure vital safeguards are transferred into UK law during the Brexit process.

The Prime Minister’s decision to include Gove in her Cabinet is self-serving: drafting in a Brexiteer to defend the hard and dirty Brexit the public rejected last week.

The DUP’s past Environment Secretary, Sammy Wilson, has gone so far as to call the Paris Agreement “window dressing for climate chancers”.

In the US, meanwhile, Donald Trump has made clear his intention to push the environment to the back of the political queue by pulling the US out of the Paris Agreement.

The environment is the ultimate source of all we do, everything we make and use, and we must stand up for its future or we risk losing our own.

In little over a year the couple have enjoyed a whirlwind romance that has seen them criss-cross the Atlantic to make their long-distance relationship work, spending time in each other's homes and meeting their soon-to-be in-laws.

But before all thoughts turn to the excitement of wedding planning and the possibility of future children, it is worth looking back on the passionate and romantic relationship that has led the couple to this point - and the vastly different worlds they will bring together when they tie the knot.It is a sad reminder of the times we are living through that one man can take the most powerful nation in the world out of the single most important treaty that exists today.Of course Gove’s appointment as Environment Secretary is the most recent threat to our environment – and that is why it is more important than ever to have a strong green voice in Parliament to defend it.But it also demonstrated just how far down the political agenda the environment has fallen; that someone who has repeatedly shown such disregard for the environment is now in charge of the Government portfolio for it.Alone, this should be a cause of great concern for those of us who care about the environment.

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