Dating scorpio love

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Dating scorpio love

Get ready for a volatile combination of passion and love on the level of pure desire.Scorpio Gemini love can start on the level of unconditional love and end being very selfish. They almost feel like meeting an alien, one who is so different from their personality.While the curious Scorpio finds Gemini one of the most challenging person to understand (twins at play here), he’s amazed at how easy and relax life is for a Gemini. Scorpio and Gemini both have curiosity over human behavior and thus have a lot common to talk about.Both these sign have curiosity but in different ways.Gemini take on life with light heartedness including his/her lover and freedom is quite a priority for the geminis.The possessive scorpio can be too much restrictive to the Gemini.

It’s very difficult to carry these scorpio and gemini relationship long term unless they are both ready to communicate on every level.Scorpio finds Gemini too superficial, restless and fickle minded for his taste and Gemini finds the scorpio too dark and rigid in views.Gemini has both the twins coming out in different occasions; this makes Gemini highly inconsistent in his/her own views and behavior.[For accurate predication, Click here to get astrology compatibility report] For personalized and accurate reading, based on your entire birth chart and not just sun signs, get the astrology compatibility report Compatibility: 1 Communication: 2 Sexual chemistry: 5 Ratings are out of 5 Initially the scorpio woman is attracted to child like ways of Gemini man.And Gemini Man is attracted to her passion and intensity.

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Gemini mans flirting nature and the need to keep lots of secret can ring the wrong bells with the scorpio woman.

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